The Protein Myth.

For decades, the meat and dairy industries have been telling us we need to consume animal products to acquire enough protein to be healthy. After all, protein is an essential nutrient for building, repairing, and maintaining muscle tissue, as well as making hormones, enzymes, and other things that are vital to our health.

But when it comes to getting protein in your diet, meat isn’t the only option. In fact, reducing meat consumption while increasing plant-based proteins is much healthier for humans and for the environment. Furthermore, research has shown that ALL plants contain protein and at least 14% of the total calories of every plant are protein.

Pound-for-pound, plant-based proteins are healthier than their meat counterparts mainly because they pack more nutrients into fewer calories. On average, plants have 64 times the antioxidant content of animal foods. They are also rich in fiber which is completely absent from meat. Fiber aids in digestion promotes a healthy gut microbiome and is strongly associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk.

Studies also show that people following vegetarian or vegan diets are at a lower risk of certain diseases including cancers, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease.

Since 2012 Green Menu has promoted human and environmental health through plant-based diets. This week we donated over 600 pounds of healthy, nutritious plant-based foods to the incredible East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless whose mission is to bring hope and restore dignity to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley region.

幾十年來,肉類和乳製品行業一直在告知人們需要消耗動物產品來獲取足夠的蛋白質以保持健康。 是的,蛋白質是會修復和維護肌肉組織以及製造激素、酶等其他對我們健康至關重要的物質必需營養素。但是,光從飲食中攝取蛋白質時,肉類其實並不是唯一的選擇。依據研究表示,所有植物都含有蛋白質,並且每種植物中至少14%的卡路里為蛋白質。而且選擇植物性蛋白飲食除了減少肉食的副作用,又能攝取足夠蛋白質對身體和環境都更加健康。

實際上每一磅的植物性蛋白質都比肉類更健康,主要原因是它們含有更多的營養物質,卻沒有過量脂肪的熱量。 平均而言,植物的抗氧化劑含量是動物性食品的64倍。 此外,植物性蛋白質富含纖維,而肉類中是完全缺乏纖維。 纖維本身是有助於消化,促進健康的腸道微生物組,並與降低心血管疾病的風險密切相關。研究還表示,遵循素食或純素食的人們罹患疾病如癌症、2型糖尿病、高血壓、肥胖或心臟病的風險較低。

自2012年以來,Green Menu非營利組織堅信透過推廣植物性飲食,提升人類身心靈及健康地球環境。 上週,我們向ESGV聯盟捐贈了600磅以上健康營養植物性食品,並藉由這次合作行動能實際幫助當地遊民的需求。ESGV聯盟的任務是為聖加布里埃爾河谷地區的遊民個人、及他們的家庭帶來希望並得到尊嚴。

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The Protein Myth.

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