Is Obesity the New Malnutrition?

Most stereotypes generally portray the homeless as starving and/or underweight.  However, recent studies are dispelling this myth by reflecting that not only is obesity prevalent among the homeless but that only 1.6% of homeless were found to be underweight, while 65.7% were overweight and 32.3% obese.  This highlights the idea that limited access to food, in general, maybe less of a factor to malnutrition than lack of access to healthy, nutritionally-dense food in particular.
One reason to explain this may be that homeless individuals are more likely to buy inexpensive, instantly satisfying foods that often contain high levels of fat and sugar.  Conversely, plant-based diets are shown to promote better mental and physical function while simultaneously lowering the risks of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health conditions. 
Green Menu’s mission is to ease hunger and promote human and environmental health through plant-based diets.  Since 2012, our volunteers have been working within our community to educate and promote conscious decisions regarding our food choices while also trying to make healthier, plant-based foods accessible to everyone, no matter their financial circumstances.
In light of these new studies mentioned above, Green Menu is happy to be able to donate over 600 lbs of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based products this week to the good people at ESGV Coalition for the Homeless who work to bring hope and restore dignity to individuals and families who are homeless in the San Gabriel Valley region.

大多數人的觀念通常都是將遊民描述為飢餓或體重不足。 然而,最近通過研究指出肥胖不僅在遊民中普遍存在,而且還發現只有1.6%的遊民體重不足,而超重的人佔65.7%,肥胖者佔32.3%,顛覆了這個概念。 這突顯出營養不良的最大因素不是因為缺乏健康、豐富的食物,而是不均衡的食物攝取才是造成營養不良的主要原因。

造成這種情況的其中原因可能是遊民們更有可能購買廉價的食品,而這些食品通常含有大量的脂肪和糖。 但是以植物為基礎的飲食早已被證明可以改善精神和身體機能,同時降低肥胖,心臟病,2型糖尿病和其他健康狀況的風險。

Green Menu的使命是藉由植物性飲食減輕飢餓並促進人類和環境健康。 自2012年以來,我們的志工們一直以教育和促進南加社區民眾能正視食物選擇,無論其經濟狀況如何,都應該選擇更健康的植物性飲食生活。

鑑於以上提到的這些新研究,Green Menu很高興能夠捐贈給ESGV聯盟遊民協會的善心人士600磅以上的新鮮蔬果和其他植物性食品。這次我們合作努力的目的是為了讓聖蓋博谷地區的遊民們,及他們個人和家庭都能感受到希望與尊嚴。

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